Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello, Little House!

Will and I and the Littles are camping out with my parents. Excited as we are to get working on the new place, Will has been embroiled in papers, coursework, and PhD thinking (it's hard work you know, thinking) and I've been seizing the opportunity to home school while we wait for the snow to melt.

Meanwhile, we're lining up our renovation ducks. The woodstoves arrived yesterday and oh, what beauties! A Pioneer Princess, for those who are curious, and a nice little glass-door fireplace to keep us toasty.

My sweet parents have given up the entire house to us and the kids. My mother is a veteran homeschooler herself and she's made it her project to get my sons reading and writing. Thank you mum! The boys are thriving in her little  Montessori heaven and her enthusiasm and creativity. I think we might just stay permanently, what with the boys heading straight to her room first thing in the morning. (Just kidding, Mum!) 

More pictures of the new house to follow. Here's what we've got so far:

The first day it was officially ours
Look at those beautiful straight walls! The house is in great structural condition. No gutting is required since it was renovated by hippies in the 70's who courteously removed the linoleum/wallpaper crust that inevitably builds up over the decades. The inside is all wood. Old, battered wood full of stories.