Friday, July 17, 2015


Hermione Anna Marigold
8 lb 8 oz
Born safely at home, in the water,
July 10, 2015
All is so very well!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

While We Wait

Oh, the making and doing, crafting and cleaning that's going on here! It's like the whole family has caught my nesting fever. I am ten days overdue, but not for lack of trying.

New lovely creations for new baby....

New skills....

New shelves....(thank you Will! Successfully crossed off list)

New chin-up bar....(this one must have been on Will's list)

Reaching it is a bit of a problem for the short people. Will basically has to hold them because even if they can do pull-ups on the monkey bars at the park, I have this rule about not falling to your death here. Not in my living room. Not before the baby comes.

New hammock...

Eeek! So exciting! This one I made myself. Seafaring Uncle and Auntie sent me a beautiful hammock from New Zealand when Raphael was born. (It's hanging in the living room) But I wanted an upstairs and a downstairs hammock. So after some reading online (there are lots of pictures of finished products, but very few instructions anywhere), studying it by eyeball, and a trip to the fabric store (3 yards of sturdy cotton) and the hardware store  (a spring, a ring, a carabiner, and a ring bolt for ceiling), I made a supersize one for our bedroom. 

I couldn't really find any step-by-step instructions online (best one is here), so I plan to make another one in the near future as a detailed tutorial. I'll make a page for it here on flying squirrel for anyone who's interested.