Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Beauty - edited

edited to add that this extremely dangerous-looking fire was fully attended by four adults and a garden hose, and that the child in the polyester coat is being told to come away. Also that we are no longer burning fires in our back yard, thanks to six humourous and gracious firemen who showed up in a full size fire truck today and told us to stop.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello! Stopping to breathe for minute.....

...between birthday parties, bonfires, putting gardens to bed, leaf wax dipping, piles of laundry, the pre-production push get Soul Gardening off to press, husbands with theses and grant applications, homeschooling, illustrating, and keeping herds (well, three) of feral boys from killing each other with their sharpened sticks and bows and arrows.

Fall is my most industrious season. Life is rich and good, but sometimes I struggle to find that moment of quiet, of looking inside.

Out on the bikes today, I think. We need to go find some beautiful trees, breathe deeply, and hold onto this short season.