Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The leaves are down, the sky is grey, the air is cold in Eastern Ontario. Here were some of the bright spots from this past Fall

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cape Breton Sweater

The day cannot be postponed. It is time to show off the Cape Breton shore sweater.

I am so proud of this sweater because I made it by eyeball. Rafe once had a cute little thrift shop sweater made of polyester yarn. I wanted to duplicated with yarn I like, but I couldn't find the pattern for the life of me. So I drew some pictures, counted stitches, and learned a few new stitch patterns. My gauge was off—intentionally off, mind you—so voila, it fits him at a hefty age three, with room to grow. The hood I invented as I went. I think I would do it differently next time as it is voluminous...

....But serviceable! With the kind of wet, windy, sea air you find at the ocean, a small hood is unthinkable!

And besides, no self-respecting hobbit goes anywhere without his hood.

It is a sea-side sweater, no doubt about it. The branching pattern is called "tree of life" and reminds me of the evergreen forests that touch the rocky shores of the North Atlantic. The cables suggest Cape Breton's Celtic culture, and it has the incomparable warmth of sheep's wool. The colours are kind of rocky/foresty too. So in honour of a beloved place, I've named it the Cape Breton Shore.