Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Doings

Here is our little friend who arrived on the Feast of St. Nick bringing chocolate loonies and peppermint candies and new books. And here is a little boy on that magical morning.

St. Nick was so easy to make (needle-felted head, body from an old sweater) that with the euphoria of the novice needle-felter I resolved to make a whole nativity set for the creche.

So far—one sheep.

The boys keep adding nature bric-a-brac to the stable to make a cosy nest for baby Jesus (mostly moss and rocks and spruce boughs plundered from the woods.) I like to picture the Divino Bambino coming into our own our case, a cold northern woodland full of pine trees and rocks.

 I told them "one item per day...."

...which is certainly building anticipation.

Come Lord Jesus, and do not delay!


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