Friday, June 8, 2012

The Touristy Bits

I will try—I really will—not to be too touristy, but don't you want to know about sage brush? 

I'd never seen it before, but there it is, growing all over the badlands of Alberta and the dry, arid hills of the Okanagan. It is silver and fragrant.... smells like heat and rosemary and sage and wood.

And in Drumheller (where we didn't end up discovering dinosaur bones....though not for lack of trying....)

...we found cactus! In Canada! Who knew?

Tasted alright.

But our favourite place was the giant cedars in the Eastern Rockies near Revelstoke, B.C.

The smell was like nothing else this side of heaven. When we stopped for one of our little hikes, the wind coming off the mountainside was so beautiful, so rainy, so renewing, so growing! Like the secret source that renews the whole world.


Stopping for some mandatory nature journaling...

 Aren't they tree-mendous?


  1. Oh Mary, these are wonderful photos! Our children would love to do a trip like this someday...when we have a more reliable vehicle for long trips! One summer perhaps! I admire your ability to make it work on a budget. I can't wait to hear more stories about it...we need to plan a trip to P. soon! By the way, I found the Boba at an on-line place in the USA. So excited to wear this little one in out cute new carrier (same grey as yours). You were right about it being sturdy - I'm impressed!

  2. I follow your blog from Turkey,indeed it is the best blog i have ever seen ;)