Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Beauty - edited

edited to add that this extremely dangerous-looking fire was fully attended by four adults and a garden hose, and that the child in the polyester coat is being told to come away. Also that we are no longer burning fires in our back yard, thanks to six humourous and gracious firemen who showed up in a full size fire truck today and told us to stop.


  1. Beautiful Mary!
    You are so good at making everything look so beautiful!

  2. Mary, did you buy that (Elsa Beskow?) print or print it yourself?

  3. Naomi, I keep trying to reply but it is not showing up. Strange. Anyway, I photocopied it out of our favourite Elsa Beskow book Around the Year, which we use for our calendar study (ie we read it out loud. It's delightful). If I knew where to buy prints I'd buy them.

    Lizzie, haha! We just got busted by the Peterborough fire department today. Another reason to move to the country. (Not busted, really...they were very humourous and gracious, but someone complained so they had to come. Full on. Six men and a fire truck. The boys loved it!)

  4. Beautiful pics. Emergency professionals provide fabulous entertainment for little boys: we have done it more than once. Could you send your email address to me @ I lost the last email from you.

  5. I bet the boys loved it! I wish I could have been there for all the excitement.