Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good-bye, Little House

Well, we packed up our house in Peterborough.

Goodbye city, goodbye bike-trails and coffee shops, wonderful neighbours and dear little city...

The last bath in the bathtub where three of our children were born...
Oh, no, I'm not being emotional. Not at all.

It's been a good era, a good epoch of our lives. But we're putting on our cold-weather gear and getting ready for the next big adventure! A little log house on a hill. Apple trees, stone fences, and nine derelict barns! We've got big plans...

Let the chronicling begin....


  1. Best Wishes for you move! I always love seeing your blog pop up in my reader!

  2. Peterborough is a great place but your new plans sound amazing! Except for the cold weather gear, but that is just me being a grumpy about the cold.

  3. Good Luck! I can't wait to see the pictures!


  4. Glad to see you back on Mary! I love the pictures :)

  5. What a beautiful blog you have! Lovely family. As I was scrolling through some of your posts, my husband Michael thought he might recognize you (or a sibling?) from Campion College about 10 years ago. Love the small world we live in :)

  6. Soudns exciting. where are you going? It must be quite a draw to give up all you have xp'd there.

    Came across your blog on blogs of note.

  7. This is great, I'm a family therapist, this is good stuff. Family is a good thing!

  8. so happy to see this post, even if it is a month old! your family seems such a unique one, and I was always so impressed by the way you thought and lived and raised your children. best wishes on your next exciting adventure!! I do hope this "chronicling" will include continues blog posts.