Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Ready

- sewing up our old table runner with patches and tiny precious embroidery. (My favourite way to deal with stains.) Someday I will have white linen, pure as the driven snow, but right now all table linen meets a fate worse than death. So I patch.

- knitting up little chicks for our Easter guests. 

- sewing up little birds. 

- blowing eggs 

- forcing buds in time for Easter on the Julian calendar because I didn't get around to it earlier. They are so beautiful in the window! This is my absolute favourite way of remembering the miracle of new life.

- rock garden and tomb. Hugh made a beautiful cross from birch branches.

- Easter food plans for two Easters, including one gluten, dairy and sugar-free Easter! Thinking strongly of natural juice gelatin jello with berries and trying to imagine Easter without cream.

- Paskha! So, so excited for paskha! I've never made it before, but the slavophiles of my childhood always made some variation at Easter and shared it for our Easter table. The pretty photo is from here. The recipe I use was brought from Russia by a slavophile friend. 


  1. I love the table runner with the patches... have a great weekend!

  2. Love the rock garden, tomb, and the birch cross. Simple, childlike, beautiful. All the branches in the window look so hopeful! Happy Spring!

  3. I've always admired you mom's seasonal set ups but unfortunately I haven't managed to have the same in my own home. Your Easter preparations are just lovely, from knitting chicks to bare branches. Have you tried oxygen bleach (colour safe, not toxic)? It is amazing what that, hot water, and some scrubbing will get out. I have a few beautiful tablecloths that I was given that I don't take out of the closet for that exact reason - everything gets hopelessly stained. Someday when all the children are older...

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog via Blogs Of Note and I hope you continue it. It's very, very lovely and your photography is amazing!