Thursday, May 28, 2015

Little fishes

 This was a little project I made for Rafe. All our children love the fishing game ubiquitous at outdoor play know, the little plastic rod and magnetic sea creatures in the kiddie pool. My older kids willingly line up with the toddlers to get their turn. We've gone through a few crappy little sets from the dollar-store, and always ended sweeping them into the bin.

Oh the plastic, all that plastic!

So I made some fabric fishes for Raphael for Christmas. Amazingly, they've lasted almost six months. They are lightly padded with cotton batting and quilted with a few large stitches of embroidery thread. A little magnet sits in it's nose, held in by a few stitches.

It keeps everyone busy on a rainy afternoon.


  1. This is so charming! What a lovely gift! Simple but delightful.

  2. Hey-what do you think of Bringing up Bebe?