Saturday, January 23, 2016


wintergreen collected by Hugh and Will for winter tea
solution to the problem of rendering goat fat

Once again, soap! This is going to be a yearly tradition (along with eggnog, yes) because I can't get enough of this beautiful substance.

I just made one batch this year. The big excitement was using tallow from our own goats. Goat tallow is every bit as disgusting as it sounds. Hugh's solution was quite sensible while it was rendering in a crock pot. After straining it and storing it, however, it was virtually odourless.  It stored well, too—almost three months at room temperature without any sign of rancidity. I melted it down and mixed it with olive oil and coconut oil and the soap turned out perfect, just the right texture and very nourishing for the skin.

I scented the soap with essential oils that a friend gave me for laundry soap...ravensara (which smells a bit like eucalyptus), mint, and orange essential oils. The little brown bits are balsam fir needles which I pulsed in the coffee grinder. I was hoping they would add scent to the soap, but alas. For exfoliation purposes only.


  1. Mary, you need an email sign up so I see when new posts come up! I'm living vicariously through you my dear. There may be too much snow right now, but I highly recommend rendering stinky fat outside. Slovaks have a number of different cook-outside systems, and then you can cook big huge pots of goulash/stew/chili outside too, especially practical when hosting a party.