Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My sweet boy. This is a week of birthdays, celebrations, first soccer games, family and friends. It is dramatic and a bit melancholic, for me, as for most mothers...that familiar squeeze over my heart, as I look at my big boy running around a soccer field, oblivious of his mother, happy in the joy of running, kicking, and having the appropriate gear (we take gear very seriously, around here). That great pride in his independence, that small sadness that we can never go back, that he will never again be four, or three, or two, or my sweet, busy, bright-eyed baby. I could get quite silly about this. But onward and upward! Into the sixth grand year of life, my little man!


  1. Happy Birthday, Willy!!

    Such a little man now - boy has it really been five years??

    Mary, did you make that funky banner in the background of the first picture (the fabric triangles)? So cool!

    Love you all so much!

  2. Angela! Thank you so much! The funky banner (which is called bunting, for some reason) is indeed fabric triangles, and it makes me sooooo happy! They look like ship's flags. I just cut them with shears, and sewed them to a length of bias tape. There are some pretty fabulous ones out there, but I just scraps I had lying around.

  3. Happy Birthday Willie!!! Love you so much!