Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Year Without a Car

In my absence (from here) a lot of exciting things have happened. Well, one, actually. The power steering rack of our car gave up the ghost, and we, to make a long story short, are giving up the car.

We'd been toying with the idea of going carless for reasons of economy and simplicity of life, and now...we have to! So we've become bohemians for the year, and it is really exciting. The timing is perfect, with summer upon us and the Scholarly Gentleman going back to school next Fall.

We have been exactly two weeks without a car and already I have noticed a new peacefulness in our life, a much-needed change of pace. Less consuming, less rush-rush, less "I just have to dash out to the dollar store!" We plan our time a little more carefully.

And spring is something we're really experiencing: real bird-song, real changes of temperature, real lilac smells! I haven't felt spring like this since I was a child.

We are lucky to live in a university town with good bike trails, a happenin' downtown with lots to do. It is a short bike ride to just about anywhere.

I look forward to making friends with my city. Getting to know the local colour, the (non-scary) buskers, the fiddlers and musicians and crafters and farmers at the Farmer's Market, and where the good coffee is. We have great bridges and little pebbly beaches along the river. So many nooks to be explored. And of course, when we need to leave town, we'll rent a car.

In the meantime, we have cancelled our gym membership. I look forward to being fit and thin, with absolutely enormous legs!

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