Friday, April 29, 2011


So. What else have we been up to?
Here are some of my favourite make-y projects from the past year.

I made a whole raft of these hats for Christmas presents. They give one's head a unique acorn shape, which is quite charming, in my opinion; the boys weren't that impressed.

Sanded my sewing desk and gave it some hardware love.
paper craft
We made about a million of these between Advent and March, and hung them from every possible outcropping.

egg craft
Eggs were dyed with red cabbage and yellow onion skins, which is as creative as we got this Easter. Someday we will take up the family torch and do pysanky, but there's only so much beeswax, fire, and permanent dye I wish to give my under-fives. Here's the onion peeling party:

--which brings me to pants. Below are Matthias' Sunday trousers (oops—getting a bit small. I swear, they fit him last week!) in the skinny-pants fashion. Although nothing looks that skinny over a cloth diaper.

Wrapping a stick

Pants for small people are so easy to make. Anyone with a sewing machine can whip 'em up in about half an hour, using some folded fabric, an elastic, and a pair of old pants for the pattern. I'll post a tutorial soon.
Linen beach trousers, for baby Hazel June. And if you think I'm mentioning them just because I like to say her name, Hazel June, you're absolutely right.
They're made of old linen dishtowels and napkins. Sported here by handsome Matthias, who will hopefully come to forgive me for all this cross-dressing. (They're a couple sizes too small for him, but—you see how a big baby is crammed into small pants? Pure quality.)


And best of all: Will crafted a totally awesome bunk bed out of junk he'd been hoarding in the garage.
You can't tell in this picture, but it's as sturdy as a rock. It doubles as a jungle gym, castle, ship, cliff face, theatre, and many other bizarre uses.
I believe that's a fireman scaling a burning house, in an unnaturally tidy room. Who made those beds? Would that person like to return and live with us?


  1. Wonderful pictures, cheers from New Zealand , Marie

  2. Mary, I love your blog and get a lot of laughs (and warm fuzzies) from it. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Mary! So glad that you're back at it. Lovely cute pants and I wish I could have been there for the onion peeling party. Give the boys all my love. Lizzie

  4. Those beds are amazing! Now we really need to come to see you soon to get some ideas for the bunks Scott wants to make eventually...

  5. Hazel June! I love it! Man, Chris and I need to start having babies, everyone is taking all the good names!

    Love the blog, you are helping awaken the crafty/artsy side of me, which has just recently emerged since being married. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks, Ladies!

    Erin, the bottom "bunk" is actually a separate bed. I guess that makes the top bunk a "loft bed". It's a good design because they can be rearranged so many ways. Our rooms are so tiny, this is a real bonus. Another bonus with homemade beds is they can be customized to our mattresses! We got these smaller-than-single mattresses at Ikea, and couldn't find a bed to fit them.

  7. I was wondering about the mattresses. I thought they were the crib ones at first, but little people grow out of those so quickly. The design is brilliant...reminds me of our dorm rooms at university. Your kids are just too cute Mary!