Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Waldorf Doll

For Easter (for Christmas, originally, but you know how it goes...) I made Matthias his own baby.

Baby has become a fixture in the house, not only for his usefulness as a projectile missile, but because Matthias is so attached to him. There is nothing sweeter in the world than a baby babying another baby.

And I must admit, it's true what they say: the softness, the featureless-ness, the plump, natural feel of the Waldorf doll, with all its warm sheep's wool, gives it a special "realness." It's kind of ironic. But then again, real babies are soft, plump, and featureless, too.

The sweater was my first Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless yoke sweater (as described in Knitting Without Tears). All you knitters will know what I'm talking about.——Non-knitters, skip to end.——It was basically three little tubes (body and two arms) joined in one big round and then decreased up to the neck. No fuss, no muss. Well, maybe a little swearing at the DPN's. For dimensions, I just winged it. The arms were 12 stitches around, I think. I'm just going to have to make big ones for everybody, now that I know how easy it is!

The little green 'fro is my favourite part. It's just french knots done with chunky yarn from the backs of highly uncooperative Icelandic sheep. (I can tell they were uncooperative by the feel of the yarn. It won't listen, I tell you.) But it's good and rugged and durable and gives a sweet, hobbit-y look to this otherwise feature-less baby.

Baby and his big brother, Bilbo, made by my talented mother

playing music for baby

my sweet, sweet boy in a nurturing mood

P.S. Baby just got a real name: Thomas. Thomas the Waldorf Doll. Doubling as a hockey puck, at the moment.


  1. Mary, that's awesome! I couldn't believe you made that sweater and all the hair on the doll too!

  2. I love that doll quilt too!