Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Making

I made a little "log cabin" chair cover, to hide the dog after-birth...

...and banana and whatnot that found its way to the white chair. The "chair cover" is just a big square with ties at the four corners. 


I was so inspired by the sheer speed of the log cabin pattern, I decided, then and there, to make an enormous log cabin quilt:

Here it is at about the half-way point, when I discovered that I actually don't like it.

But Hugh does!

To be finished, this quilt requires about three more long BBC period dramas, and about six-hundred more mugs of coffee. Oh heavens! Did I write that? I mean herbal tea!

This is the perfect spring for making a quilt—we haven't seen the sunshine in almost two weeks. And it's cold. Will and I have stubbornly and superstitiously turned off the heat, so another quilt is definitely in order.


  1. I love that you got halfway through and decided you didn't like it! :) have you seen Wives and daughters or yet. That will help you finish it up! ♥

  2. err...or Cranford.

    ps. we christened our apartment "Cranford"--that's how great it is.

  3. Hey Mags!

    Ah, Cranford! I loved it sooooooo much!! I want to marry Jeb the carpenter. Oh wait, I already did. And isn't Imelda Staunton magnificent? I wasn't so crazy about Wives and Daughters, but North and South (also by Elizabeth Gaskill) is a wonderfully romantic, Industrial-gothic romance. Er, that's not exactly an academic assessment, but you'll know what I mean when you see it.

    My favourite so far is Dicken's Bleak House (2005) . Such a fantastic cast. Oh, and Our Mutual Friend is very, very good. Currently I'm making my way through Daniel Deronda on youtube, and finding it rather uncompelling. Which is strange, because George Elliot is one of my favourite authors. In my other, movie-directing life, I would make an epic movie of Middlemarch.

  4. I LOVE this quilt!
    You simply must finish it. It's gorgeous. You just finish that puppy up, and you will see that you have created a masterpiece.

    Just make sure that you quilt it with a lot of quilting, because it deserves it! You will see -- when it's done, with a nice strong binding (maybe the red) -- it will be the best thing in your house!

    I just love it.

  5. haha! you don't like it :-)