Monday, February 13, 2012

On the Needles

More home schooling means less crafting (unless I decide to stay up till two and pay the awful price.) 

But knitting is always there! It lies quietly in the basket (or rather, squashed between the couch cushions) ready for that quiet moment when mama and baby can stop everything for a few minutes.

I'm working on this lovely shawl.

 The pattern is simple and ingenious, once I figured it out. I'm a little misgiving about the colour. Such a brilliant rust, was it ever seen outside of the 1970?

The beginnings of this hat, which becomes a completely different hat in chunky wool. It doesnt look like anything at the moment, but it should look like a cute little acorn top in the end. There's a type of person, a really funky, pretty blonde who rocks a short hair cut and is expecting her first baby, who can pull off a hat like this.

And one for baby, too!

And some skate socks for a big hockey-playing boy. Though hockey season might be over by the time the socks are done.

And some bunting for Matthias, just because.

And that's all for crafts, folks.


  1. I'm doing my first lace project--a really simple scarf from Ravelry. It took about 10 cast-ons before I could get the first row started and I doubt I'll ever be interested in wearing it once it's done. But at least I'll say I've done lace! I love photos of people wearing knitted lace, but now that I've started, I'm losing interest. Maybe I'll be dazzled by the magic of how it changes after blocking. Love your other knitting projects too!

    1. It's official—blocking does transform lace! My shawl is blocked and it looks great; not like the blob of granny knitting I had before.

  2. I think blocking is the key to knitting lace. At least I hope so, because mine is all bunchy and shapeless and not at all like airy, beautiful, gossamer-like maluka shawls I see on flickr and ravelry. You'll probably love it once it's done! (Ooo, how exciting! Can't wait to see it!)