Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Homeschool Pictures

Hugh is learning the phonetic alphabet song "a-a-apple, b-b-ball" and I'm making him a little alphabet garland to hang up in his room. There's i-i-igloo and g-g-goat and h-h-hand. 

Forgive the blurry photo but I had to show you Hugh's drawing. He was supposed to be practicing the letter "F" on the chalk board. I turned my back for a few minutes and he made this awesome "flying goblin" instead. (Check out the eyelashes! And the mouth! It's always so interesting what four-year-old-artists notice about the face. Hugh notices eyelashes and teeth. He always draws the mouth extra-wide to make room for all the teeth he has planned.) I wish I could have kept it forever. I believe I forbad him from erasing it for the rest of the day.


  1. Wow Hugh is a fantastic artist and don't you just love how great kids imaginations are.

  2. Excellent, excellent, all of it Mary! I found that little chalkboard at Dollarama too and painted the frame black and hung in on the wall in my kitchen for happy quotes and occasional children's drawings.

    Hugh looks like he's enjoying the homeschooling! Have fun.

  3. Exelent picture, Two thumbs!