Friday, March 16, 2012


Here's a little project for a toddler.

We dyed the wooden spools in food colouring (didn't really take) and kool aid (really took) in a rainbow of spring colours.

Some of them are very old and have great industrial stamping on the side. I love the ones that say "Made in Canada"!

But these are Matthias's toys, not mine.

As the toddler in a large, home schooling family, Matthias is frequently short-changed. I'm trying to be mindful of him and give him new things to do each day (besides cutting up important tax documents with scissors).

That's bread, not beads, that he's stuffing in his mouth.

We gave him a shoe lace with a knot in one end. (Don't mind that he's covered in food. It was lunch time, you know!)

One more thing for a busy baby to do!


  1. My husband is going back to work soon and I will be alone with my kids during the day. Since I am not a take them to the park or go for a hike everyday kind of mom this will be awesome to try with my Lily while her brother is at school.

  2. Where did you find so many old wooden spools? All I have here are plastic ones! It's a lovely project.


  3. Babies have their own world, a world of dreams and fascinating imaginations.

  4. May I ask what camera are you using there? nice entry =)

    1. Kodak point and shoot (not a very good one!)

  5. How sweet is that! Wish I was a child again... *sigh*

  6. sweet. i went to a jewellery exhibition in Paris in 1983...and all the necklaces were made of thread spools [with the coloured thread still on the spool] just like this. they were selling like hot cakes for astronomical sums of money. crazy stuff, when they'd be so much more fun to make yourself. as your child has done!

  7. How beautiful! Something we can use in the classrooms, too.