Monday, April 15, 2013


Last week when I was doing the all-important pre-renovation shop-vac-ing, I snapped a few of my favourite corners of the new housse.
"Jedrzej" built the house...This particular little piece of Ontario was settled by farmers from Kaszuby (Poland-Lithuania)...I love this little piece of history on our laundry room wall. And I think that Jedrzej would be happy to see a family living here again.

 I'll do an official "before" photoshoot soon. Just as soon as this ice storm is over and we get back at the cleaning!


  1. Love all that wood. The rafters make me swoon.

  2. "Jędrzej" is an old Polish version of the name "Andrew". Have you got any Polish roots? Greetings from Krakow, Poland