Monday, April 22, 2013

Manly Flowers

My sweet friend Jen of Two Trees Farm recently gave me one of her pretty know, those cheese-cloth things for wrapping babies, and which only come in ugly (to me) baby prints...

Well, brilliant Jen went to a fabric store and bought some much more grown-up looking muslin. Manly flowers, she calls them. (Jen has four little sons. "Manly" is important, yes sir.)  Rafe is past the baby-wrapping stage, but Jen's muslin makes a great scarf! And it smells like Jen's house, which is heaven. (Jen makes soap)

Anyway this is all by way of introduction to the concept of manly flowers, because I've been putting manly flowers on my boys (the ones that are too little to mind). This Easter I made Matthias some dashing new pants...
the elastic hasn't been added yet, so he is *even* lower slung than usual! The low pockets are for the fake low-slung look, but thanks to his nice flowered cumberbund, the pants stay on his waist!

I think they're pretty snazzy. And luckily for me, Matthias and I see eye-to-eye on most things.

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  1. Those are awesome pants - and Matthias is even bigger!