Wednesday, July 31, 2013


coming up the driveway....

front entrance

That large red thing is a piece of drywall covering an old window (Seriously! Crazy old house...) which is a piece of art waiting to happen. 
first view (sort of) of interior

The living room. Will sanded the rock hard maple floor and the three of us (me, Will, my hardworking sister Angela) oiled it with some kind of eco friendly oil that was really expensive and smelled like apples. (Will can tell you more about it.) 

view from living room to kitchen, with two local inhabitants
my usual landscape—somewhere near the stove
nice sunny sink window
younger boys' room
Shelves in the Closet! Happy thought indeed....

older boys' room

laundry room and utility room (you should see it now—a disaster!)

The new roof! That's scaffolding on the front of the house.
That's it for now! Sorry I didn't upload renovation pictures. I was mostly upside down on top of ladders or painting with my head in a cupboard. Not inspiring and altogether too many spiders.

But we're here now! And loving it more and more every day.


  1. It's beautiful.... Looking very homely!

  2. It looks amazing!! Such a lot of work, wow! I hope we can visit you guys some day. So happy for you!!


  3. Absolutely amazing. Have you considered painting that red drywall with chalkboard chalk and just changing your art by hand whenever? The boys might really like it too!


  4. Mary, it's SO beautiful! It could be a home from a magazine. <3

  5. I am swooning! The house has a red metal roof... delicious and practical. And the house with it's Mary-homemaking is simple and clean and lovely- You must be revived to have such a fresh start. Keep up all the hard work!

  6. I am so inordinately in love with your home. If I were not married, I would volunteer to be your nanny for free just so I could live there among the beautiful hills and fields! I love your style, Mary. Your sister Angela was by visiting with Ben, Katie & Jamie one evening last week and she commented on how she liked my decorating style. I like to think a lot of it is inspired by you! Can't wait to visit again, actually we might pop 'round this weekend before or after camping to return a bunch of books to you.

  7. Really really lovely!! So many inspiring details and such a rest for the eyes - it even manages to look peaceful, no easy feat with four boys.

  8. Feeling INSPIRED! Love the openness and simplicity. The wood stove looks GREAT!! I love that you've reclaimed that neglected little house...if houses could smile, yours would be grinning at being loved up again!