Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chicken Tractor

Introducing Cornelius Cob and his twelve little wives....

Will built the "chicken tractor" by eye from pictures he found online. I'm inordinately proud of it (even though I had nothing to do with it) especially now that it's red....

Bonaparte Red. For these birds—nothing but the best, nothing but the best.

Hugh hanging out in the nesting box

better than tv
A scene from rural appalachia. This impoverished, naked child survives only on belly fat stored from his third breakfast. Actually, I added this picture to show the cool branches Will rigged up inside the coop for roosting purposes. As soon as the sun goes down, the chickens crowd to the highest and most desirable perch and squabble over it for half an hour or so. The other night I heard Matthias shout out his bedroom window, "SHUT UP, CHICKENS!" But Matthias, we LOVE our chickens! 
...and Will added wheels borrowed from a dump lawn mower. Whew! earth conscious, that's my man.

Finn hangs around, keeping an eye on things

Finn is our sweet little red heeler puppy, which we got earlier this spring while we were still living at mum and dad's. I can't say he's terribly fierce with strangers, and he's a bit jumpy-kissy-nippy, but we love him and he's shaping into a good farm dog. See how he loves me?

 The latest excitement is the new door on the back of the trailer, and the lovely lady whom we're expecting some time this week....

I somehow managed to fug up the layout in the tiny space of blogging time I'm allowed. Stay with me! There's more farmy goodness to come....


  1. AAAHHHH!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Love your roo's name too! And the red. And the Plymouth Rocks, I miss ours and can't wait to get more once we're out living on our own little piece of heaven.

  2. My Auntie loved her chooks on their organic herb farm and like your chicken tractor it had 4 wheels. She would leave it in one spot for a few days and then move it around the fields gradually to help fertilise the soil, plus the chooks loved eating the weeds.

  3. This is great! My university considered acquiring a chicken tractor for our vegetable gardens, but we were stymied by the logistical issue of who would feed the chickens... It's good to know that someone can find a way to make it work!