Wednesday, December 18, 2013


None of the children or animals seem to mind the snow, but snugness is important for animals, according to Will. Now is the time to show you the beautiful shelter he's making for them:

The pictures are from November. Cold, sunny November. At this point, the goat shed was still looking scrappy, built, as it is, from scrap wood and ancient rusty roofing from the barn. I can hear him saying, "I told you that roofing would come in handy!" (Our one incompatibility is over what to hoard and not to hoard. He's the hoarder, I'm the non-hoarder; he's usually right to hang onto things in the end, but, at the same time, my cup of contentment is perfectly full without crap everywhere) Anyway, you can see the makings of a sod roof which we'll plant with grass and wildflowers in the spring. It will be lovely! I anticipate the goats standing ON the roof, not under. Because goats can fly, you see. 

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  1. It reminds me a song from Bob Dylan...
    "Come in" she said, "I'll give you shelter from the storm"