Monday, June 16, 2014

The Colours of Now

A freshly painted scarlet red door. A soccer-playing, novel-reading, goat-wrangling, music-composing, never-sleeping boy who is NINE! (William's sacred animal, painted on his poster, is the night owl.)

All this long, snowy, grey spring I made flamboyant cushions for the house. When I sew I tend to make endless variations of the same thing. We have limited seating here, so I wanted large floor cushions for little people chairs. They are also useful for whacking your brother's head....not too painful, just heavy enough to send him sprawling without actually damaging him. (I don't know this from personal experience mind you. Just the word on the street.)

Will is slowly goat-proofing our property with these beautiful wattle fences. I love baskets, so to me this is perfect: an extended basket all around the house! Thirty foot baskets! They're slow to make, unfortunately. We are still probably one year away from my requested shit-free zone around the house.

Most of our goats have lovely personalities, but we have one crazy goat who tries to barge into the house. She waits off to the side and as soon as the door opens a crack, she rams in, head down. It's seriously intimidating. Especially to guests under four feet tall. But the boys love it, let me tell you! Up goes the cry: GOAT IN THE HOUSE! They dance around in delight while Will or I throw her out with some robust Anglo-Saxon language. (Which the children quote back to us later. Woops! No point in denying...) You can see why I'm anxious to get those fences done. I need peace, man!


  1. Love these photos! Rustic beauty. Thank you for sharing. The colors are so vibrant and they really speak beautifully...

  2. NINE!!!!!

    The Wattle is amazing. I am completely jealous. (not that I have a goat problem. Though, come to think of it, I am jealous of that, too.)

  3. Your descriptions made me laugh :) I am also jealous of the wattle and goats! And the lovely cushions. I've recently been inspired by the idea of no sitting furniture (couches and chairs) and how good it is supposed to be for you. We've started eating meals (that don't involve soup) on an old sheet on the carpet, like we did at an Egyptian friend's. The kids think it's great fun. But we need more lovely homemade cushions...not sure when that is going to happen!

  4. Not only does Willie look big, but Rafe looks big too! Matthias informed me on the phone last time that "Rafe is NOT a baby any more. He's a little boy!"