Sunday, July 6, 2014

World Cup Feva

Soccer in the rain...the English blood runs strong in this child.

Hugh is my first child to really care about clothes. Last time I went to St. Joe's, our local thrift shop, he asked me to pick up gold clip-on earrings.  "But not the girly kind"...My boys were never big gender stereotypers so it's anyone's guess what he meant by girly.

Apparently these are piratey, not girly

I don't often shop at Wal-mart, the superstore everyone loves to hate. In my circles shopping at Wal-mart is considered unenlightened. But when I do I always come home with something nifty, and I don't just mean budget toilet paper. This time it was international soccer jersey t-shirts for the boys. (Five bucks. You can't argue with cheap and awesome.) In doing so I accidentally created three new fans: England, Brazil, and Blue. Matthias wears a blue jersey so any team wearing blue gets his support. 

Actually we are pretty middling World Cup fans. We begin enthusiastically, taper out, and then return with a bang for the semi-finals. I keep pointing out the mohawks and cool hair and neon soccer shoes of 2014, but nobody finds it as fascinating as I do.

The boys are playing "real soccer" this summer, and Will plays for Madawaska United! (Barry's Bay has a soccer team!) Kicking the ball around after supper has become a family hobby. So soccer is gradually taking a bigger place in our life, and I'm quite thrilled about that.


Will and I cheer for Argentina. 

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  1. Well I'm sure Pope Francis cheers for Argentina too. No shame in that, my friend!