Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One Straw Revolution

 This is now an outdated picture of Will's garden, which changes every day. Will is getting super geeky (in a good way, dear) about soil composition, microbes, and the science of deep mulching. We just read a splendid book The One Straw Revolution by farmer-philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka. His philosophy and farming are beautiful, and perhaps the beginning of a one-garden revolution for this little Canadian family.

 Will's chicks sprouted pin feathers and grew monstrous: oh my goodness, guinea fowl! They're like a pack of roaming dinosaurs. Beware all insects, frogs, small mammals....they will hurt you.

And on grooveshark these days:

Dervish (Linking you up to our current favourite album, hope it works....) 

I forgot how much fun they are! We haven't listened to Irish music for years, but it's the backdrop to this summer. Lizzie and Angela check out "There Was a Maid in her Father's Garden" because we have to learn it.

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