Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Much-Maligned February

Dwellers in northern climates have given February a bad name. We start grumbling shortly after New Year's—it's so cold, it's so dark, I'm tired of snow gear, I'm tired of shovelling snow, when will it be spring?

Not me! February is the month I perk up. Our little planet tilts toward the sun just enough for a magical change of light. February skies are an intense blue, the snow crisp and deep. Goodbye pale winter sun, hello serotonin!

February marks fresh starts at our house. After Christmas is packed away, it feels good to clean house, purge house, reorganize, make new exercise and home school goals.

I kicked off February with some chalk board paint and laid some love on my pantry. I'd never used chalkboard spray paint before, but I have good things to report. You really only need one coat, it really gets in the cracks. I  painted some labels (the ordinary paper kind) to use on food storage bins. See above. They look deceptively like I'm an organized pantry person and they're aesthetically pleasing too.

new cultures started: kefir, kombucha, apple cider vinegar
Will and I started cross-country skiing every day. We have several kilometres of nice trail in the vacant property behind us. There have been days when twenty minutes of solitude in cold air was my only  link to sanity. But I always come away grateful for the beautiful, if snowy, home we've chosen.

The boys were skiing begrudgingly until Will cut a new trail and invited them to ski with him. Suddenly skiing was cool. 

One of my most cherished memories of this winter is turning around on my skis and seeing a whole line of goats following me up the trail, followed by dogs, followed by cat. 

And that brings me to the freshest, newest, and most wonderful news: another little person is among us! 22 weeks today and feeling (mostly) fabulous.

We are all rooting for a girl of course, but we have to wait for the ultrasound to tell us.


  1. I am one of those who grumbles about February, I confess - I feel like it is the longest month of the year! But your sunny picture make it seem more bearable - I've been meaning to try cross country skiing with my Babygirl since she shouldn't downhill ski anymore due to the transplant. And congrats on the new baby! All I've had is girls (to even out your boys I suppose LOL).

  2. Oh congratulations on your new blessing!
    I love all the organizational ideas and yes, I agree - the light is beautiful now and the sunshine feels warm, despite the cold air.

  3. Just lovely. All seven of you (7! My oh my!)

  4. Thank you, Mary. This post helped convert me to a pro-February position. That is a blessing.

  5. Loved your tip about the chalkboard paint! Going to give this a try :)

  6. I have always enjoyed winter, although I admit to being tired of it by March, and now that I live somewhere that is hit or miss with snow and hardly ever gets cold enough to suit me, I envy your beautiful sparkling snow and cross country skis. Congrats on the new one (no twins? ;) )!! Wishing you lots of healthy robustness this pregnancy!