Monday, February 22, 2016

A little bit of Lent

I lost the lens cap for my camera about a month ago. The reward for finding it has gone up to five dollars and we've even gotten flashlights to look under the piano...but in the meantime I have expensive-camera-paralysis. Which means that a whole month of Mio's life has passed without photos because I'm pretty sure that the moment I take the camera out of its bag is the moment the lens will meet its doom. As if that matters. (Winter financial reality check hello! It all matters!) 

I feel like all I've been doing these days is internal work. Hard work. Like learning how to communicate with husband (11 years together and I'm only just realizing that we actually don't speak the same language. We're possibly not even the same species.) Learning how to deal with stress in a way that it's properly diverted instead of exploding in people's faces. Then there's the ongoing repentance from being basically human, and other such problems. It's all good.  It's just very.... Lenten. It wouldn't be Lent without hard internal work.


  1. Mary, the fourth photo from the bottom is almost eerie. Hugh and Matthias look so alike that I really thought that it was the same boy - one at the table and one in a mirror - but I couldn't understand why they weren't making the same pose! And hermione is adorable with a capital A.

  2. I LOVE the hummingbirds!! Can I commission one?

  3. I'll check with Hugh, but I imagine he'd love to make you one!

  4. a. Mio is absolutely adorable, and that dress and sweater make her a well dressed gal!

    b. I want my kids to come do school with you.