Monday, February 29, 2016

This Leap Year Morning

One year ago I posted a picture of me at twenty weeks pregnant. I'm a little bit horrified to notice that this year I look exactly the same. Oh the timely austerity of Lent.
Not unrelated: this is goat milk butter, curtesy of Hannah and Josephine, our lovely ladies in the barn.
This, my friends, is bullet proof coffee made with goat milk butter. It is something between dense whipped cream and whipped butter, but sweeter. You need a cream separator to collect cream from goat's milk as it's naturally homogenized. Then we churn it by hand. Will and I often joke about our posh life....calculating the cost of labour and milk, we are eating forty dollar pats of butter.  Ha! We're rich! You just can't put a price tag on some things.


  1. Love watching your life with the kids. So unbusy, relaxed. Thanks.

    (Reminds me to my life, how it looks before. Got 5 children, but growned up now. Awaiting the 7th grandchild these days.)

    On the other side, I'm thankful, they're grownup now.
    But ...loving watching your life here.

  2. I had an unpleasant surprise when, at a doctor's visit 2 months postpartum with baby #3, I realized I weighed the same as I had at 9 months pregnant with baby #2. Whoops. But, a year later, I'm back to where I was before. Sometimes it just takes a long while! Keep nursing and that should do the trick... :)

    1. This is my experience as well.
      It seems to need a year - if you are nursing.
      (It's the one thing I'm still missing a little: the nursing times.)

  3. Mary, I saw you a couple of weeks ago and thought, "Mary is skinnier than I've ever seen her." You DO NOT look pregnant. You always look fabulous.

  4. Where did you get your cream seperator? Is it possible to make a DIY version, do you think?

  5. The coffee amazing as does the butter!