Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hedgerow Mitts

A very practical lady I once knew said, "Knitting is for people who sit around all day". I think she meant it pejoratively, but here I am with a swiftly growing, ravenous Rafe nursing night and day and we're having a ball. (Or should I say a skein? Hahaha)

Knitting and nursing go together just dandy, in this mama's opinion—Rafe and I look into each other's eyes, he gets his sustenance, and I get mitts.

The pattern is the beautiful hedgerow mitts. I used sweater weight instead of sock yarn, so mine are a bit clunkier than Amy Ripton's elegant version. I also had to adjust the pattern a bit.

But they're stilll awesome. Fingerless gloves are the way to go for all the driving I do, not to mention tying shoelaces, wiping noses, zipping zippers, and putting mittens (back) on little hands...

Oh! Check out the background—after talking about it for five years, I'm finally painting the house! Paint! What a joy! Goodbye, icy mint green....

....hello warm smoke blue!

More pictures to come, after Latin Mass day and Advent festivities tomorrow. Will is part of a little choral group that gets together at our house for practice and brunch on Sundays. Fun but busy.

Happy Advent, for tomorrow.

Come Lord Jesus, 

and do not delay!


  1. Oh my, how I love these gloves! They are exactly the sort I've been looking for; subdued, warming and hand-knitted beauties. I would totally pay you to make me a pair if you're looking for any customers. I'm looking forward to seeing your new paint colour when we're down next (or via the blog in photos!). Happy Advent to you as well. I mod-podged some candle holders with purple and pink tissue paper (same idea as the Martinmas lanterns) so that we could use beeswax candles for our wreath this year. I can't wait to light it tomorrow! Blessings to you all Mary.

  2. Love, love, love - these are the perfect mittens!
    Also: good choice on the smoky blue - I think it will look grand with all the things in your home, including artwork and wooden furniture.
    I miss you and your fellows so much - can't wait for Christmas!


  3. Erin! Sweet idea...that sounds safer and less drippy, too. I always wonder about putting candles in close proximity to dried evergreens?? I keep a sharp eye on them.

    Ange! Back atcha! Good luck with those finals. M.

  4. Oh Erin, Madonna House has beautiful mitts in the shop. And beautiful, beautiful wool, if you want to give it a whirl yourself!