Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A whole lot of love

There's nothing more beautiful, aside from watching your baby become himself, than watching your baby become part of the family. While the love isn't always gentle love, it's always sincere, passionate, and brotherly.

the thick of things

 These days I'm marveling at how beautifully each child has taken on his new role. Willie protects Raphael from errant blocks (and from Matthias' over-zealous, slobbery affection). Hugh cuddles Raphael in bed nearly every morning for about half an hour while I get everyone else up and going. I can already see a special connection between the two. Matthias rocks the carseat when Raphael cries, makes faces, and rubs snot on keeps Rafe entertained.

These days, I'm taking everything slow. The weather is golden. Matthias and I spend a little time in the garden every day just potting around, while Rafe naps in the stroller drinking in oxygen and sunshine. We don't get too much done. I'm way behind on all my commitments, not to mention the laundry. But we have a whole lot of love.


  1. Auntie Lizzie is sending a whole lot of love down your way! I'm missing you all and storing up Naughty Carter stories for my next visit down to see the boys. Rafe looks bigger even after just over a month!

  2. Lizzie! We've been missing you so much! I'm going to call you tomorrow. Love you! M