Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Matthias, 2010
Halloween 2011. There was so much mess and chaos and yelling that day, and the light was almost gone before I remembered to snap a picture for papa, who was still in Toronto missing all the fun. 

Hugh—"I forgot my helmet!" Willie—"Hugh, you won't be a saint if you freak out."

Yesterday, my sweet mother came for a surprise visit and whipped up a wig and some fringed ponchos for Willie, while helping Matthias through a midlife crisis, telling stories to Hugh, doing puzzles, making sewing cards, pressing leaves, and telling me the whole time that I am a wonderful mother and coping very well. 

The rest of the costumes we found in the costume box.
Hugh—"Yes, I will be a saint. I have a sword. See?" Willie—"No, Hugh. That sword's plastic."
Willie was an "Indian" for Halloween. He was also St. Joseph, a native Canadian saint and friend of the Canadian martyrs. Now I question his existence because I find no mention of him on Wikipedia. Did I dream him up?

Hugh was St. Martin of Tours, patron of soldiers. (It's all about the armour). 

I got fearful at the last minute that we'd get in trouble for saying "Indian" so I told Willie he had to say "native".

Lady/man at the door—"What a nice little costume. What are you?"
Willie, quavering, "I'm an....Indian...." `
Hugh, firmly, "He's a native." 

Everyone thought it was pretty funny and ribbed me for trying to be all politically correct.

Matthias missed halloween altogether, and as a result is a happy and healthy person this morning 

I felt twinges of guilt about this, especially after seeing these adorable pictures from last year.


But the great thing about yearly festivals is...there's always next year, isn't there?

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  1. Hi Mary, I don't know if you'll remember me, but I went to OLSWA with your Lizzie. I found your blog through Erin N., and I had been praying for your delivery. I know this is belated, but congratulations and blessings to you on the arrival of your fourth boy! How handsome he is!

    (Also you have a really lovely blog.)