Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art Supplies

While I don't really enjoy reading blogs that are all about things I've just bought, or worse, things I want to buy...I had to post this discovery, for you fellow mums out there. A whole pile of modeling beeswax! It's from the etsy shop twinkleofmyeye.

And while you cool mums probably make your own felt beads, I had to post this wonderful picture, from HeartfeltHandworks. Doesn't that just make you want to have sheep?

And finally, this inspiring stuff...homemade, natural playdough scented with essential oils! How heavenly. From mamaKs.

I am more and more intrigued by the counter-culture of home-based economy. Let's support these little businesses, and get our children's hands into the good stuff.


  1. Hey, I really like that playdough. I reminds me of when we made it from a homemade recipe when we were little kids, and then built figures and furniture and then let it harden. I think that we made a whole household--chairs, people, tables! So much fun!!!! It's even edible (not that we ate them afterwards :)

  2. Oh, I ate mine! So salty. Yum. But I probably wouldn't, had they been flavoured with lavender or patchouli, or something. I think this idea is brilliant.

  3. I've been making essential oil playdough for years now, as I have always found that the act of playing with it, kneading it, shaping it etc., combined with the fragrance, does so much for to calm my little ones down. It is really about so much more than just play!