Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sewing

Stage one. Ripping. I take a seam-ripper to my favourite skirt. It is handmade from an old batik print. I will probably never find another one like it, and it is the Perfect Skirt. The scholarly gentleman likes to see me in skirts.
Stage two: I carefully lay out the pieces on a boring grey fabric that I will actually wear. The baby is extremely helpful:
Stage Three. Abandon previous stages and find sewing things for boys, who are clamoring for a project of their own. Nurse baby. Start bread. Read some stories on the floor. Oh my, look at the time! Clean up sewing project for the day.

I have resorted to making my own clothes, since I cannot find what I need:
Pleases the scholarly gentleman
Pleases me
Can be stuffed into a backpack
Can be removed from backpack and worn to Mass
Can be spit-up upon and washed hurriedly in the sink and worn for the rest of the day
Can be worn climbing a tree (with the appropriate underpinnings, of course)
Can be worn to my music students' classes
Can be worn the next day

Now that's not unreasonable, is it? Anyway, I'll keep you updated, and maybe you can send me pictures or pattern-links to your favourite clothes. What do you like to wear?


  1. Mary, if you succeed in creating the perfect garment, according to your wonderful criteria, please pass along your secrets--or start churning them out and selling them on Etsy. I'll buy!!

  2. Ha ha! We'll see if it's possible. My wonderful criteria have a lot of contradicting qualities. Practical. Feminine. Hmmm. I'd rather wear the same pair of old jeans day after day...