Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rather Bland Thursday

Just showing off some of the baby toys I've been working on. (The soft-structure cube in foreground). I hope to put some into the shop soon. Baby not included.

Also, some Queen Anne's Lace on a little shirt....

...with scraps of linen. Oh, I couldn't be happier with this! Now I just need a daughter to fill it.

The rest of us are deeply engrossed in creative work. (Art so powerful it requires safety goggles.)

and some of us are just having a down day. Happy rather bland Thursday, everyone!


  1. Wow, those are pretty awesome safety goggles - I love it! I love the Queen Anne's lace designs on the shirts too. They're so delicate.

  2. The design on the t-shirt is amazing! I love the layering of the fabric and the embroidery is stunning. You must be very pleased : )

  3. I LOVE the queen anne's lace. is it in the shop already?