Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm sorry I've been such a blog-pooper. Still no camera.

Besides, it's June. The weather is sunny, windy, and balmy, and we are taking every spare moment to garden (Will) and sit in the sand at Little Lake (me).

Well, not sit, really. The boys play, fight, dig, splash, climb, whine, and play some more. I chase Matthias around and around, preventing sudden death at the playground. We drink super awesome fizzy homemade lime-ade made from water kefir. We eat, we splash, we dig. We chase Matthias. Good days.

The home-schooling muse descended this week, too, so when the weather gets too hot we repair for home, and central air, to work on alphabets and homemade books and such.

the cool of the day
Matthias is enjoying a season of nudity, as he learns to use the potty. He's our quickest learner yet. I take credit for a) producing this genius baby b) my hard work and diligence at keeping his pants off, and proactively plunking him on the potty every 15 minutes or so c) bribery. But I also have to credit the wonderful Baby Bjorn potty, and the peer-pressure from his big brothers who get a potty treat too.
still-life with water kefir (foreground)—more on water-kefir to come. I don't believe any of the health claims, but it sure is fun to make. And drink.
Will bikes down to his plot at the community gardens every morning to tinker, or whatever gardeners do. Foszka goes with him, and they are such a hot couple, I can hardly stand to be left behind. Except that it's 5 am, and I'd rather be sleeping. After supper he takes the boys, too. They're becoming good little gardeners, he tells me.


  1. i love that painting above your butcher block. what is it?

  2. It's by Marc Chagall. I can't remember the name, but it's one of his many variations of goats, brides, chickens, and violins. It was my Christmas present from Will, EVEN THOUGH HE HATES it, because he knows how much I love Marc Chagall! Isn't that beautiful? Putting up with art you hate? Now that's love!

  3. ....Oh, actually no chicken. Just goat.

  4. Oh, I wish I could come down and help chase Matthias around. Love to you all.

  5. Mmmm, thanks again for the. You'll have to pass along your recipe for the limeade version. I've been using some of Tim & Jen's dark maple syrup and a squeeze of lime to feed/flavour it and the result is a cool combo of fizzy lime with the end notes of the smoke from the's pretty awesome.

  6. *For the kefir.

  7. Mary you're such a wonderful mother! - Peer-pressure from his big brothers who get a potty treat too - ?! Ah the world of little boys!!!

    btw, I just found the link to your blog in my email - I love your blog! So artistic, beautiful photos, and written with flair:) Congrats on on little Rafael.