Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Places that Heal


       My mother's kitchen—

       plants are sprouting

       kefir is brewing

       bread is rising

       tea is steeping

 Mum sits down with a cup of tea. We talk and talk. She is so endlessly wise, so loving, so  effortlessly creative. 

 Outside, the boys help grandpa tend his little woodland, clearing deadwood, building bonfires, pruning wild apple trees.

watching grandpa roto-tilling...

...turning the wilderness into a garden...


  1. i keep clicking on this link just to see that first picture, and get a little visual healing from the sunlight and the serenity. Oh! how I miss your parent's house.

  2. Seeing your mom's kitchen is dose of calm and peace - so many wonderful memories. I enjoy seeing your boys, the younger two look so O'Brien. Maybe someday I'll make it to the east side of N. America again and see you all in person. All your lovely craftiness is so inspiring!