Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Speaking of "Scratch"

I've been away from home, and blog, trying to heal up, as I'm covered in eczema from head to toe, not excluding my ears! This is supposedly the "healing crisis" and will end, one of these days, in radiant health. Meanwhile, it's a bit of a bummer.

I took the boys to the most "healing" place I know: my mother's kitchen, where we've been drinking herb teas from last summer's garden, gulping down the probiotic drinks, and slaking our thirst from the deep well water.

Mum's also been working her Montessori magic on the boys. They're in heaven at grandma and grandpa's, between the wood pile, the garden, where they got to open bags of manure "with real knives!" the art cupboard, and the thirty year old lego. And the occasional ice-cream cone.

Mum let me sleep and refused to let me wipe a dish. She even changed Matthias' diapers—twenty a day at least. 

 Pure bliss, plus a few mosquitos. (Actually, clouds of mosquitos, but I stayed indoors beside an open window while everyone else worked! Quite shocking, really).

I left my camera behind, which is why it's been quiet, in this space.

(These are last year's pictures)

Back home now, I've been seeking out places that heal (beaches, naturally) where we can sit and absorb sun and dig and shovel and splash to our heart's content.

So begins the summer rhythm: beach in the morning, home for lunch and the all-important siesta, a little work, a little supper, back to the beach, or the ecology gardens, or whatever, for the evening. Home again for baths and Narnia. (and grown-up time!) So peaceful.

Love to all!


  1. Look how big Matthias is! The three little squirrels.

  2. Why are you covered in eczema? It sounds awful! Hope you recover quickly.

  3. Thanks, Kim... I recently cut out gluten, caffeine, sugar, and all the things that make life worth living, and the touch of eczema that I had went crazy. In classical naturopathy, this is the "healing crisis" and is to be expected. I didn't think it would be quite this grotesque, though.

  4. Sending lots of love Mary.

  5. Ugh, the "healing crisis" always makes me wonder. I tried fasting (no foods, just water) and by the second day my eczema went crazy, threw up, got dizzy and decided to eat again. I did read that it was a hump of the body releasing toxins and have experienced it with other situations. I'm such a chicken, best of luck to you, I'm sure this will help you. I cut out gluten for a week a few months ago by a doctor's recommendation and dropped a size or two (just for one week of gluten free!)

  6. Wow! I hadn't heard of the "healing crisis" before. Sounds intriguing and uncomfortable. Any particular reason you cut out gluten? Was it to get rid of the eczema?