Monday, July 4, 2011

Gnomey Hat finished

This is the the wonderful gnomey hat pattern from Hello Yarn. You can download it here. I excluded the pompoms, as my boys would pick them apart in one day—it's like bubble wrap for them. I added bobbles instead.

The boys said, "Oh look, Bilbo Baggins (the doll) has a helmet!" and when I told them it was a hat for the new baby, they thought that was the awesomest thing ever—a helmet for the baby!

They want helmets of their own now. I wonder....with some chunky wool in steely grey....


  1. Oooh, I love the hat! Here's the link to where I found the bird branch.

    My curriculum for Math this year will be from a Little Garden Flower.

    Here's a blog post with a Math gnome story.
    I'm going to use A Little Garden Flower first grade this year. I love how Waldorf approaches Math. I'm hoping to re-learn with my little boy.

    Here's her ebook on Grade 1 Math, included in the first grade curriculum as well.

    Thanks for coming by my blog!


  2. Becca, thank you so much! Wow, that is so kind. I'm going to dive right in to all these links as soon as the littles are sleeping.

    I've sent you an email by "reply", but I don't know if that works.

    Many blessings,