Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making Stamps

During the thundershowers this week we busted out a new craft.

Making Stamps

*sheet foam 
(available at craft stores—
we used an old camping mat)
*blocks of wood
*glue (we used UKKY)
*ink pad


  • sand wood blocks, if necessary
  • cut foam into shapes
  • glue shapes to wood blocks, making sure to leave some sides free for gripping
  • stamp on ink pad and apply to everything!(note: foam seems to absorb more ink and stay wet longer than regular rubber stamps. This craft was a bit too inky for my littlest ones)

sanding the blocks
cutting foam—this stage went on for days and was incredibly fun. 
knitting needles make a good awl
foam shapes glued to blocks
Words must be backwards, of course! (How do you think we figured that out?)
the children liked my stamps best
I liked their stamps best


  1. Really love this cute idea!! Great post!! I am going to try this idea out on a rainy day...

    Keep em comin'!

    Nest (

  2. I just LOVE this! Have to admit the "Hugh" stamp is my favorite.