Friday, July 15, 2011

Shed Chronicles Part I

We decided to get a jump-start on our Fall renovations this week. Stage I—build a shed. 

The boys are in heaven. Not only do they get to watch papa build with power tools, they also get to fetch water, return water bottles to kitchen, stand very close to a beloved uncle and ask endless questions, and collect scraps of wood for their own "building projects."

That wild, bushy cedar in the way is part of our "hedge." 

The shed takes up most of the cement driveway—really, it's incredibly massive. 

Below—that's our neighbour's house, so you can see why I don't mind having a giant shed go up. That's our neighbour's car (the small red one) which we borrowed so that Matthias would stop riding the air compressor!

This is the first of a series of topless pictures of Will. (Just kidding, dear.)  

We're loving this pretty fab pre-fab. I suspect my husband had to swallow a lot of pride to buy pre-fab wood panelling...wait, Will—isn't that...fake wood panelling?

But it looks good, even up close!

And a stiff wind won't blow it over.

Will and his brother framed it and sided it and trussed the roof (if that's a word) in a day and a half. You rock our world, Uncle Christian!

Here's another view, to put it in perspective. Really, that hedge!

We're already dreaming of all the wonderful things we're going to do with this shed!

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