Saturday, July 9, 2011

What We're Enjoying Right Now

...Will's beautiful beds at the community gardens. 

Going down to the gardens is part of Will's daily rhythm (twice-daily, actually), along with Foczka and the occasional little helper.

Happy Gardener
Matthias is determined to help, although he still needs his little feet directed out of the seedling beds.

Foczka and Oslo, her gardening pal.
Hugh is very serious about working. Check out his work gloves—they're so great! He made them himself out of plastic bags. Actually, they're just plastic bags. But as his mother, I find this quite clever. 
They're actually on top of a straw bale, which explains the euphoria.
Always thinking.

Hugh is our most determined worker. He planted a good part of the garden with his papa, and he knows all the plants by name, including the "swiss charge." Willie and Matthias adore being with their papa, and everyone loves rolling down the big hill at the liftlock. My job is to admire everyone's work, taste the little seedlings, and make big plans for all those tomatoes.


  1. That's some heavy-duty gardening where Matthias needs to wear a helmet!

  2. We're just really careful parents. LOL

  3. Love the garden shots. "Swiss charge" -- too cute. There is nothing that compares to working in the garden with children. Seeing Jeremiah bend over, pick off a bit of lettuce, pop it in his mouth and say, "Mmmm!" with a look of glee just makes the whole darn thing worth it!