Wednesday, August 17, 2011

February Baby Sweater

(warning: another knitting post)

I finished my first little sweater! I couldn't be more thrilled, although it was a "learning" sweater and there are three or four goof-ups. For example, the aesthetically pleasing shell buttons are extremely sharp and threaten to slice the button holes. (Doesn't that sound so safe? Oh my )

The yarn is from Briggs and Little, one of the last remaining (and oldest) Canadian wool mills. It still smells like sheep. The yarn, that is. The doll is Bilbo Baggins, made by my talented mother.

Sorry, Mum, that IS stuffing you see in Matthias's hands. Bilbo is scheduled for surgery today, and I'll sew him right up. 

Oh, and the pattern! Elizabeth Zimmerman's brilliant February Baby Sweater, found in her Knitter's Almanac. It's knitted on two needles and is virtually seamless! My mods: stocking stitch body instead of lace pattern; sleeves were knit in the round on four needles (because I hate sewing seams).

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