Saturday, August 27, 2011

Purple 2

Hmmm....What to do with this cheesecloth I've got hanging here?

It sure is a gorgeous colour!

Hmmm....maybe after I've picked out the fruit flies and the itty-bitty pieces of grape skin....

The cheesecloth is now a scarf!

What do you think. Should I open a shop?


  1. Too cute Mary! Did you dye it with cabbage? I like the cheesecloth curtain motif.

  2. No, it was the cloth I used to strain my wild grapes when I was making jelly! It was just too pretty to waste.

  3. When I first saw it, I thought, "wow, that looks like cheesecloth!" You could make a fortune on those next summer at market!

  4. shut the hell up. I am stealing this idea pronto.

  5. Hey Rachel, I'm considering it! Are you?! Let's do it!
    Thanks, Meg. I didn't know you were "Rae" too! Good grief. What don't you do?