Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Linking to Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, today. 

...from Leila's fabulously funny and wonderfully wise blog.

I know I'm a little late for the Entranceway show-off, but if you only knew the work that went into this entranceway!

This is our side porch, which is our main entrance.

Pretty. Well, pretty is happy.
Carpet removed. Concrete painted. Curbside furniture spray-painted black. Likewise the dogfood bin. (Oops! How did that pot get there?)

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don't have any "before" pictures, but let me describe it as seriously gross. There was an "outdoor carpet" (who invented those?!) compacted with dog hair and sixty years of muddy boots. Earwigs lived in it. There was curbside furniture on it. The toys were kept, sometimes, in a broken basket. But mostly strewn all over the porch. The exposed concrete had several colours of flaking, probably toxic, paint.

How can anyone live like that? Well, I kept waiting for the Big Reno, so I never bothered to tend my little space. 

Here is my happier and more hospitable entrance. Thanks for the inspiration, Leila!

Happy. See how happy the dog is? She loves pretty entranceways. She loathes unpainted furniture.

More happy. Note the aesthetically un-offensive and practical toy bin. And the pile of knitting on the chair, just waiting...

Funny. Ah! Aesthetically-pleasing sticks of birch. Does the bark come off?

Why yes, it does! How fun. Who needs bubble wrap?
Real. A good day's work. Baby and dog are well-contented with their birch-shredding efforts.


  1. Love how the dog "loathes unpainted furniture". ACDs rock (it's my 'dream dog')

  2. Well, the before *sounds* awful, but the after *looks* so lovely and welcoming!
    I really like the painted furniture - amazing what a little paint can do to unify otherwise unrelated pieces! (and they go with the railing, too!)
    And it looks like your little guy did a great job breaking it all in - what a cutie pie!

  3. What a FABULOUS post! I love what you've done with your entranceway and a boy and his dog... well... what else is better?

  4. Aw! What a dear little boy :) I miss you all. Tell Matthias to give his auntie Lizzie a call sometime :)