Thursday, August 11, 2011

Folk Art Panel

(another sewing post)
After wrecking the pantry doors through attempted renovation plus appalling ignorance

wrecking my cupboards

...I had to make an emergency curtain. 

It turned into a really fun free-form sewing project. I started by cutting shapes at random and pinning them to an old sheet...

...that had already lived a long and useful life as a sheet, a duvet cover, and a chair cover.

I Then I sewed it all down with zig-zag stitch and machine-embroidered some wood-grain onto the tree. I have to say that feeding this much fabric through the sewing machine, with pins sticking out in every direction, felt a bit silly. There probably is a better way. But it was so lovely in the end!

A bit of embroidery here and there. I'll do more when I've gotten some other projects off my chest.

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  1. LOVE it. You are so creative!! The birds are beautiful! And how long did it take you to make??