Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cranberry Cowl Pattern

The Cranberry Cowl
{the humble cranberry—a great healer, a gourmet food, a Northern comfort—
I named this pattern for the humble berry that brings such health and comfort each Fall. The "cranberry pattern" is a simple horizontal lace pattern that makes a bold statement in chunky wool}

guage: 3 stitches per inch
materials: 16'' circular needle, size 10.5 US (or size you need to produce guage), tapestry needle, place marker (optional)
yarn: chunky (I used Bernat roving for the cranberry cowl in the picture)

CO 70 stitches
join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches, place marker to mark beginning of round (optional)
Knit in garter stitch (alternate knit round/purl round) for 4 rounds
Switch to stockinette (knit each round)
Knit 2 rounds
Knit cranberry pattern as follows:
   round 1: Purl
   round 2: Knit
   round 3: Purl
   round 4: {wrn to m 1, sl 1, k1, psso} repeat to end
   round 5: Purl
   round 6: Knit
   round 7: Purl

Knit 4 rounds
Repeat cranberry pattern
Knit 4 rounds
Repeat cranberry pattern
Knit 4 rounds
Repeat cranberry pattern
Knit 2 rounds
Garter stitch 4 rounds, beginning with a purl row
Bind off loosely
with tapestry needle, weave in ends


  1. Mary, is this cowl long enough to pull up over one's head like a hat? I would love to try it but want something that will do double duty around the neck and up over the head too.
    As for patterns, I have found a few at
    If you like to knit, you might enjoy that site too.

  2. Hi Julia! No, it's not long enough to pull over the head. It's a neck cowl, 7 inches when retracted and about 12 when stretched out. HOwever, you could easily lengthen the cowl by doing more pattern repeats.

    Yes, I'm a big fan of ravelry though I don't have an account there. Happy hunting!

  3. Thanks Mary, your cowl looks great, the colour is lovely. I checked out cowls on Ravelry, 218 pages of them! too many to check out, but found lots of interesting things.

  4. that is really very nice and if it is you you are really looking gorgeous....