Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thugs and Carpenters

Burglar Hugh

Burglar Will

This is the gruesome remains of Will's building project in the back yard. I keep trying to clean it up (hence the garbage bags: some primitive sorting) but Will objects because the boys play with the wood scraps and learn valuable skills. I'm a bit huffy about it, but yesterday I came around to seeing the beauty when I came outside to find that my little thugs had helped themselves to nails, hammers, and paint and were building signs in the back yard.

the painters' palette
first stage of construction
 Hugh was pretending not to be cold all afternoon.
Here are some of the lovely signs all finished. "Stop" and a fancy star. The boys have been burglars this week, since reading Burglar Bill—a family favourite— with Grandma.


  1. I love the little hats they all are wearing. They are so cute. I will have to stop by again sometime soon.

  2. I think my boys would join right on it to this game any time since our yard looks about the same right now with scrap wood abounding as Scott builds a playfort. Tools and little boys are impossible to keep apart!