Sunday, October 2, 2011

a quick gift

A friend of ours was turning five and needed a present on the very afternoon that Matthias decided to peel the semi-dry black oil paint off the stairs and smear it on himself and the walls. He did it swiftly and quietly, the clever boy, in about 15 seconds. When he was finally  scrubbed—within an inch of his life—and put to bed, he took off his diaper and pooped on everything.  Everything. I can't say I handled it very graciously. 

So instead of the grand crafting afternoon I'd planned, we made some quick dragon mittens for little Willie. 

They're my new favourite winter kid gift—four buttons and some scraps of wool felt, and a snakey looking nose embroidered on the front. Easy peasy. Credit to Martha Stewart blog.


  1. Good thing you weren't there to hear what I said to Matthias that afternoon. (Good thing he didn't understand it...) It would have been a serious let-down.